About Me

Rev. Wendy Heinemann began her career in education, teaching in public and private schools and colleges. She taught English, history, and religion courses. Her work evolved into Chaplaincy and curriculum writing as she answered the call to ordained ministry. Educated at Harvard Divinity School and Asbury Theological Seminary, Wendy balances a love for the academic pursuit of deeper knowledge with the spiritual pursuit of a deeper relationship with Christ. Wendy is an ordained elder in the Global Methodist Church, serving as the senior pastor at First Methodist Church of Sweeny.

Wendy’s passion is helping people grow in their Christian faith – discipleship. She finds fulfillment in preaching, teaching, and curriculum development for people of all ages. She can be found in a preschool Chapel with her guitar, an adult Bible study classroom with her books, a Wesley college retreat with a sense of humor, a hospital room with her compassion, or the pulpit with the Word of God. Wendy is currently working on several curriculums for children, youth, and adults, including a summer camp curriculum, and is available for speaking engagements and customized curriculum development.