To London and Jerusalem

My first flight was from Houston to London, about 9 hours. Once in London, I had a long layover, long enough to explore. Here are some of the places I went:

1 London Tube (2)
I rode the London Tube. That’s what they call the subway.
2 Trafalgar Square Charles I
I visited Trafalgar Square. There are lots of statues and beautiful fountains. The closest one is of King Charles I. The tall column is called Nelson’s Column and commemorates the Admiral. The large building in the back is The National Gallery.
3 St. James Park East View from North
Next, I walked down St. James Park. It was chilly and I wore a wool coat with a scarf. It looked and felt like autumn. I liked it so much I was tempted to sit on a bench and stay there the rest of the day. But I didn’t.
4 Buckingham Palace Central Entrance
At the end of St. James Park is Buckingham Palace. The British flag flying on top of the building indicates that the Queen is at home.
6 Red Telephone Booth
No trip to London is complete without finding a red telephone booth!
8 Westminster Abbey Entry
Next was Westminster Abbey. A huge beautiful church!!!
12 Parliament and Big Ben
Parliament and Big Ben on the Thames River was a must!
15 Tower of London Fish and Chips Selfie
Fish and Chips by the Tower of London. I felt very British!
Long Day of Walking in London
I walked just a bit in 4.5 hours! 🙂

After my London adventure, I was back on a plane bound for Tel Aviv, a 5 hour flight. After landing in Tel Aviv at 11:30, I was picked up by a taxi and taken to St. George’s College. And I slept!

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