A New Thing 2.0

Despite the news I shared yesterday, it seems that God’s goodness is not done with me yet! I am thrilled, honored, humbled, and overwhelmed to share that on December 12, I was unanimously approved by the Transitional Leadership Council as a clergy person in the Global Methodist Church AND recognized as approved for ordination as …

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A New Thing

The Back Story Over the past months both my current church and I have been discerning our denominational future. It became clear to me that my season with the United Methodist Church was ending and a new season with the Global Methodist Church was beginning. When FUMC Pearland/Redeemer did not reach the required vote to …

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Not Just Another Sermon

RESET Marriage is not just another sermon. It's evidence that when we are faithful to God's Word, God goes to work in a powerful way. It's evidence that God's people want to hear the Word, the true Word, the whole Word, not the watered-down, culture-approved word.