A Little Pep Talk

Let’s just admit it: this is not how we expected the Spring to be. We are separated from each other (6’ and no more than 10, please), but oddly together (thank you Zoom, Google Classroom, social media, email, phones). We are confined to our homes (I should really organize more) and with our families (forced family fun is the name of the game) and pets (thank you, God, that I have an excuse to take long walks). It is strangely unsettling and strangely familiar. And it’s ok.

It’s ok to feel restless and frustrated; and, it’s ok to feel centered and at peace. It’s ok to lament what you’re missing; and, it’s ok to embrace what you’ve gained. It’s ok to worry about loved ones; and, it’s ok to be content in the moment. It’s ok to question why all of this is happening; and, it’s ok to trust the wisdom of the past. Scripture tells us that our feelings are completely normal. We are not alone in the way that we feel.

Scripture also offers us wisdom to propel us forward. I’m reminded of this well-known, beautiful passage:

Isaiah 40.28-31

In the midst of the chaos, God is everlasting.

In the midst of our overwhelmed lives, God is strong.

In the midst of our confusion, God is the truth.

God is our HOPE.

God will renew our strength.

God will give us the energy to walk, run, and eventually soar.


Loving Father,

Help me trust your Word. Help me live in the belief that you are everlasting, strong, and full of wisdom. Help me take a step forward in faith, knowing that what I feel is ok and trusting that you love me. Renew my strength and give me the energy to soar.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

One thought on “A Little Pep Talk

  1. Diane and Robert

    Beautiful Wendy!
    Robert and I are sharing a devotional time and I used this.
    Just what we needed to hear.
    Love you all Lots‼️❣️😘


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