Not Just Another Sermon

Since beginning my appointment at FUMC Pearland, I have preached quite a bit. We have a preaching team that prays for God’s guidance and works on series together. We often share the same text, but then preach where God leads us for our three communities – Traditional, NewSong, and Redeemer.

In January, the series was RESET. We were challenged to RESET our lives, faith, marriage, and families and brought that challenge to the congregation. RESET wasn’t about making another set of New Year’s resolutions that would quickly fade to an idea we once had. Rather, it was a call to examine scripture and hold up God’s design for these areas of our life. It was a call to take Next Steps to move closer to God.

I had the privilege of preaching the sermon on marriage. To be honest, I didn’t feel that way at first and didn’t want that topic. But God knows better than me. As I examined Ephesians 5:21-33, a scripture that has been misused over the years and still is, God began to speak truth to me, powerful truth, that the world needs to hear. And to be honest, again, I was cautious about how much truth to bring. In the end, I brought it all…in love.

This truth of RESET Marriage was welcomed and celebrated by those who heard it. It is transforming the way spouses are engaging with each other, changing some Next Step faith goals, and even inspiring couples to seek counseling. I have been asked for the script (which I don’t have because I preach from a detailed outline so the Spirit can work in the moment), the slides, and the video. The communication team even turned a snippet into an Instagram reel, which has garnered more attention than I could ever imagine and now I’m on Instagram. A week later people are still talking about it. I am overwhelmed and humbled!

RESET Marriage is not just another sermon. It’s evidence that when we are faithful to God’s Word, God goes to work in a powerful way. It’s evidence that God’s people want to hear the Word, the true Word, the whole Word, not the watered-down, culture-approved word. It’s evidence that God’s people understand that we are called to be holy, set apart, that we are called to be different. And it’s a call to me to bring the Word in love. And when I do, God will be faithful and His people will respond!

Watch “RESET Marriage” here.

If you are interested in hearing all the RESET sermons and reading the discussion guides, here they are:

One thought on “Not Just Another Sermon

  1. Charlie Green

    It makes me smile really big to see you, robed up, with your stole, preaching the Word! Thanks for sharing with me!

    Sent from my iPad Yours & God’s, Charlie



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