And I Laugh

I was recently asked, “Which Bible character do you identify with at this season in your life?”

My answer has remained the same since I was first asked this question during the ordination process, likely because of my sense of humor and likely because people always seem to ask me this question in times of transition.

I’m Sarah.

I relate to her because when God tells Sarah to do something, her first response is to laugh and say, “Who me?” Eventually, she gets on board and sees God’s promises manifest in her life. I have seen that same pattern repeat throughout my own life:

~ Called to serve God. And I laugh. “Who me?” I studied religion in college.

~ Called to Divinity School. And I laugh. “Who me?” Went to Harvard.

~ Called to work in the church. And I laugh. “Who me?” Volunteered and became a certified lay servant.

~ Called to ordination. And I laugh. “Who me?” Ordained a UMC Deacon in 2020.

~ Called to leave the familiarity of work in education. And I laugh. “Who me?” Started working in a local church.

~ Called to leave the UMC and serve in the GMC without a position yet. And I laugh. “Who me?” … So, I’m in a season of waiting. Waiting for God to reveal his plan and show me what’s next.

I recognize that God has always been faithful. And yet my first response is always…to laugh and say, “Who me?” And like Sarah I always find myself sitting there with a precious gift of God’s faithfulness every time!

Today, I join in prayer with all those who are waiting faithfully for God’s plan to be revealed. Will you pray with me?

7 thoughts on “And I Laugh

  1. Larry Bowen

    You are so special the way you make people feel about there problems and give them courage to carry on when things in our life go wrong . I will never forget you.


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